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Device Mockups with Videos

Videos help to visually explain the application to the user. By inserting such videos into devices you can create beautiful app demos that are perfect for promotional content. Continue reading to find out how to create such phone video mockups and why you should be using them.

How to add videos to device mockups

Watch the video below to see how to create video mockups.

1. Select your device

Choose a device from Android phone & tablet, laptop, iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices.

2. Upload your video

Upload mp4 formatted video or image media to replace the mockup placeholder.

3. Export

Choose between mp4, webm or png sequence formats to export your device video mockup.

Use Cases

Adding a device frame to your videos makes your presentation look more professional.

Portfolio Shots

Embed videos into devices to create crisp mockups to showcase your portfolio. Use it on Dribbble, Behance and other social media.


Video Mockups are better at explaining app idea and user interactions.