Flexible packages to suit your use-case.
Choose between Free, Pay-as-you-Download and Subscription plans.

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing Save 55%
Lite$0free-foreverTo showcase a single app or project.
  • Unlimited Exports (720p)
  • CC Attribution License
Plus$7one time feeTo showcase apps commercially.
  • All features in Lite
  • +5 Exports (1080p+)
  • Commercial License
Annual Plan
Pro$9/month. Billed $108 per year.To create mockups on continuous basis.
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Commercial License
  • Priority Support

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Design Features

2D Editor
3D Editor
Layout Options

Design Components

All Devices
Clay Variations
Background Collection
Icon Collection
Text Animations


Pre-made Templates
Template Storage Slots
Template Storage Access
Team Sharing


PNG, JPG, MP4 Exports
Commercial License
Export Quality720p1080p+1080p+
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What is an export?

A single "export" allows you to download a mockup that you created using Previewed. All exports such as 2D, 3D, videos and animations count for 1 export, each time you export them.

There may be some confusion with regard to mockups that consist of several images/parts, for example the panorama mockups. We want to stress that a single download constitutes a download of a single mockup, irrespective of how many 'images' are in it. Thus, a panorama mockup would only cost 1 download.

Are exports recurring?

By default, exports are non-recurring. If you need exports on continuos basis, you should buy the subscription plan. If you buy our one-time payment packages, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the "exports" are not recurring. This means that we substract 1 credit from your balance after each download.

Can you send an invoice?

Invoicing is only available for custom plans. Please get in touch to build your custom package. We can only provide invoices for custom packages. We provide receipts as proof of payment with every charge.

Is there an expiry date on exports?

No. The exports that you purchase will be in your account forever. The count will only decrease as you download mockups.

What is the commercial license?

Commercial license gives you the right to use generated mockups for commercial purposes, without any attribution required. By default, all generated assets and mockups in the FREE plan are for personal use only. If on the FREE plan, you will need to attribute and credit Previewed wherever the mockups are used.

What is template storage?

Previewed allows you to create mockups. Once the mockup is created, you might want to save it as a template, so that you can come back to it later. This is possible by saving the template. You can organise your templates into groups and share access to these groups with other team members.

What is team sharing?

Saved templates are organized into groups. These groups can be shared with your team, giving your team access to all templates in that group.

Subscription Cancellation

You can cancel your subsciption at any time. If cancelled before the trial period ends (given trial period was offered), you will not be charged. To cancel the subsciption, go to the account page and click 'Cancel Subscription'.

Upon cancelling the subscription you will continue to have access to benefits of the UNLIMITED plan up until the payment period end. At the same time, you will be downgraded to the FREE plan.