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Device Animations

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Animating Devices

Device animations make your mockups stand out and help to grab user attention. They are perfect for presenting your application to your audience. Below, we will show you the use cases and how to create such animations.

Main Features:

  • 12 pre-made scenes
  • Full Customization (Colour, Positioning, Device Types, Motion, Background, Text Effects)
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Video Export - MP4, WEBM (transparency support)
  • 1080p and 4K resolution
  • All in the Web Browser. No software required.

How to create device animations

Watch the video below to see how to create animated mockups.

1. Browse pre-made template

We have prepared a collection of pre-made iPhone animations to get you started. Use the templates above for inspiration or to get started.

2. Choose your device

Choose which iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Smartphone & Tablet devices you would like to include in your animation scene.

3. Customize your animation

Fully customize the device motion, rotation and positioning by tweaking checkpoints (keyframes). Additionally, dive into more advanced controls to include custom animation and text effects.

4. Render it

Choose between mp4 or webm (with alpha channel) video formats to export your animated mockup. You can also download the mockup as a png sequence to support transparency.

Use Cases

Animated devices are very popular in Promo Videos, Advertisements and Presentations as they speak volume to your audience.

App Promo Videos

App Promo Videos consist of a mix of typography and device motion. Learn more about app promo videos and start generating such animations using Previewed.


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