App Store Screenshot Generator

Create studio-quality screenshots for App Store & Google Play.

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Panoramic screenshots for App Store framed inside a white clay iPhone device

2 pre-made App Store templates to get started

Create beautiful panoramic mockup sets for your iOS and Android apps in minutes.

Template 1
App Store panorama set with blue background and dark-blue phones
Template 2
App Store panorama set with multi-color background and white phones

Any device frame you need

Choose from our latest collection of iPhones, iPads, Android Mobile & Tablet devices.
Customize shapes, styles and sizes.

Collection of multiple devices: Samsung S10, Samsung S20 and Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, clay Iphone)
Illusrtation of App Store Preview Video

Add Video Previews

Engage your audience by making a short video to demo your app functionality and user experience.

  • Differentiate your app from the competition
  • Make a great first impression even before the install
  • Preview videos increase conversions up to 35%
  • Showcase your app in less than a minute

It’s a virtuous cycle

Optimized App Store listings get more views, downloads, ratings and higher rank.

  • Good first impression increases conversion by 35%
  • App video can increase installs by over 25%
  • 50% of users drop-off within 6 seconds
  • Average decision time is just 3 seconds
  • 60% of visitors don’t scroll beyond first impression
A cycle visualizing cause and effect, highlighting the importance of beautiful App Store screenshots

Fully Customizable

Whatever App Store mockup you have in mind, it can be built with Previewed.


Choose from 100s of fonts and add them to your mockups.


Add custom images or use our collections to create mockups with unique elements.


iPhones (4 and 6.5 inch), iPads (2nd and 3rd Gen), Android phones, Tablets, Laptops, Monitor Displays, including clay variations.


Change sizes of all components that make up your mockup - text, images & devices.

Colors & Transparency

Set custom colors for devices, texts & backgrounds. We also support the alpha (transparency) channel.


Position and rotate any component, however you like. Simply drag and drop.


Easily edit the number of images in your panorama shots.

3D View

Use our 3D generator to take device snapshots from any angle.


Save & organize your templates into groups for easy management and further edits.


Export your mockups in dimensions and format that suit your requirements. Choose from jpeg, png and mp4.


Share your work with others. Invite your team members to your mockup groups and collaborate together.

Template Storage

All saved templates are backed up in the cloud. Come back to your collection at any time.

You are in good company

We helped thousands of designers and developers establish a professional App Store presence.


Flexible packages to suit your use-case.
Choose between Free, Pay-as-you-Download and Subscription plans.

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing Save 35%
Lite$0free-foreverTo showcase a single app or project.
  • Unlimited 2D Exports (720p)
  • CC Attribution License
Plus$9.99one time feeTo showcase apps commercially.
  • All features in Lite
  • +10 Exports (1080p+)
  • 3D Exports
  • Video Exports (30fps)
  • Commercial License
Annual Plan
Pro$19/month. Billed $228 per year.To create mockups on continuous basis.
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Pro Features
  • 3D Exports
  • Video Exports (60fps)
  • Commercial License
  • Priority Support